Happy Bike Month – More Great Bike Art!

Happy Bike Month – Day 2

I hope you got out to ride today – a gorgeous day here in The Queen City.

I hope you got to see some groovy Bike Art too! One of my favorite Bike Artists is Taliah Lempert. You can see her work in NYC or here.

When I first opened my solo practice I was looking for “Bike Art” and ran across Taliah’s gorgeous work. I checked in with her about using one of her pieces in a new card I was developing. She was agreeable and my “Bike Law/Art” card was developed. This 4″x6″ card was printed on heavy stock – full color – and my thought was that you would carry it with you on the bike. If you were stopped by a police officer for something stupid you could look at the painting first, take a deep breath, then turn it over and use the Ohio Revised Code citations to help you in your discussions with the officer.

Fast forward a few years and now THOUSANDS of these cards are floating around the panniers and seat bags of Ohio Cyclists…

If YOU would like 1… 100… 1000 + of these cards just let me know. Send me an email – give me a call – let me know How Many and Where To Send and I’ll get them out!

Stay Safe!

Steve Magas

-0- 2014 Bike Card


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