Check out the very cool Bicycle Art done by Taliah Lempert in New York City.  Her Bicycle Paintings website displays her original “bike art” as well as lots of cool stuff you can buy if you don’t have several hundred bucks to spend on original bike art!    She paints BIKES.  Not fancy, high end, techno bikes carved out of a solid block of UnObtainium, but bikes of real people.  Some very cool stuff there… see below!

Talia Lambert Painting

You can also find some of her stuff at the Bicycle Gifts Webpage, such as prints, cards, etc.  An interesting quote from this page tells you about the artist…

“Painting pictures of bicycles satisfies what I want to say. Structurally they’re beautiful and symbolically very positive. I love how a bicycle relates to the figure and I love exploring what each is specifically to the person who rides them. Many of the bikes I paint are used daily for transportation and/or for racing, some are necessary for the owner’s career. They are worn and customized in unique ways, being at once a specific bike and a collective symbol of empowerment.”


Lembert Painting 2

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  • Ross Hirsch says:

    What a find! Those are awesome pictures–and would look stunning placed around my law office. I’ll send out a twitter post about her maybe help spread the word about a cool artist doing good work. Thanks for that.

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