11/11/2009 Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day.  A day to remember.  A day to thank these guys – from the privates to the generals – for what they do, day after day, and what they’ve done and sacrificed.

Back when my dad was enlisting in the Navy three of his older brothers were already serving in World War II.  Dad’s younger brother followed him into the service – making the Magas family a “Five Star” family – five young men all in the service at one time.  That was big enough news to make the The Cleveland Press!

I understand that John Magas, Al Magas and George Magas all saw some pretty heavy action.  My dad, Lenny Magas, and his younger brother got placed in San Diego and The Bahamas, respectively, so a decidedly different military experience than their older brothers!

For me, I’ll never take this service for granted.  I’m thankful for what they do.  I’m thankful all five Magas Boys came back from WWII and went on to live productive lives in the Cleveland area.

Here’s a shot of my dad, Len Magas, from his early Navy days!

Dad in the Navy!

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