Joe Mizereck is a busy guy.   He runs a site called Three Feet Please There he advocates for the passage of “Three Foot Laws” – laws that require cars to pass cyclists by at least three feet.  He sells a “Three Feet Please” jersey,which is pretty cool. I just ordered mine.

Joe just started a new webpage – a special page for keeping track of cycling’s hot spots.  You can see it here. Road Guardian is a place where YOU can go to list problem areas you encounter as you’re out on the roadway.  You just register to become a user and then you can list the spot where the dog almost got you or where the van full of thugs ran you off the road.

Road Guardian header

This is no substitute for contactng local authorities and following through legally. However, this could provide cyclists with a real advantage in the “Dog Wars” where the dog[s] chases cyclists all the time.  You can document your encounters on the map, listing the street and exact GPS location of your incident along with any other info.

Good ideas!

Steve Magas
The Bike Lawyer

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