Cincinnati wants YOUR input

From the Enquirer blogs…

Cincinnati wants to know: What would it take to get you to ride a bicycle to work, to the grocery store, etc.?

There’s a public hearing Thursday, 7-9 p.m., at the McKie Recreation Center, 1655 Chase Ave., Northside. City leaders want to know what they can do to make you ride your bike more. The answers might be part of a new comprehensive bike plan ”that will outline the changes needed to turn Cincinnati into a world class, bicycle friendly city like Portland, Chicago, or San Francisco,” the statement said.

“We want average Cincinnatians to be able to incorporate cycling into their daily routine, for exercise, short errands, and even commuting to work,” Michael Moore, interim director of the Department of Transportation and Engineering, said in a statement today. ” That might mean we need to build more trails, more on-street bike lanes, or offer bicycle safety classes; we need the public to tell us what it would take to get them back on a bicycle.”

You can check out the city’s “Bike Plan” and add YOUR two or three cents.

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