Queen City Bike’s Frank Henson has done a bang up job at QCB – his latest success is talking Norton, the billboard folks, into providing space for “PSA” type announcements. ┬áThe Three Foot Law Billboard was released today – it looks pretty groovy.



There are a number of subtle things going on here

– The cyclist is NOT a lycra clad racer on a racing bike made of the latest molecules of unobtainium.

– The cyclist is NOT on top of the white line, but is taking a good lane position.

– The Motorist is crossing the centerline.

– The centerline is a Double Yellow – reinforcing the fact that Ohioans, since 2006, have been permitted to cross the double yellow line to pass a slower moving vehicle.

The logos at the bottom include MY new logo – [I gave a few bucks to QCB to help get this billboard done] along with the Ohio Bicycle Federation and others who helped make this happen.

The Billboards will go up for Bike Month in May – and hopefully stay up through the summer riding season!

Great Job FRANK!

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