OHIO THREE FOOT LAW Bill To Be Introduced

The Ohio Bicycle Federation has pushing our three part bicycle law package for 2013.  We got one piece passed as an amendment to the huge Transportation Bill.  We have found a primary sponsor for the other two parts of our bill.  On April 10, 2013 it is anticipated that Rep. Mike Henne [R] will introduce the bill with Rep. Connie Pillich [D] as a co-sponsor.  They are seeking additional sponsors for the bill on both sides of the aisle.

Stay tuned here as we follow the bill through the sausage-making machinery…

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, where a Three Foot Law is already “The Law” within the city limits, Queen City Bike has developed outstanding relationships with Norton, the billboard people, and METRO, the bus people.  Word is that we will soon be seeing some Three Foot Law billboards around town soon and some METRO busses decorated with some nice Pro-Bike graphics… again… stay tuned –

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