Yes, friends, it’s true.  After several months of development, my brand new BIKE CRASH APP is now available for downloading.

For Iphones – Download from Itunes

For Droids – Download from…er… um… Droidland – or wherever Droid users go…

The Crash App does three things:

1.  Provides Information:  about Ohio law – Ohio’s Bike Laws, What To Do If You Crash – Insurance Issues. There are Injury lawyers at Lipcon & Lipcon, P.A. that you can contact just in case.

2.  Provides Background about my Bike Law practice

3.  Allows the user to record all pertinent data about a crash using the tools of your smartphone and email ALL of that data to me with one click of a button!

Number 3 is clearly our Pride & Joy.  At the crash scene – the App becomes a very valuable tool to preserve evidence.  By accessing the “New Crash” page, a toolbox opens up and you can:

– Capture Photos – Take photos of the scene, injuries, your bike, witnesses, the car that whacked you, the driver, the cops

 – Record Audio – tell your story – record witness statements

– Write Notes – Add names, addresses, comments

– Make Drawings – sketch out the crash scene


At the bottom of the New Crash page you can click “Location” and type in the location, Road Conditions, Light Conditions, and Weather.  You can also tap into the GPS features of your phone have the phone save your current location into your Crash data.

The “Driver” and “Personal Info” pages offer “fill-in-the-blanks” approach to typing in your personal data and data for the other driver.

There is an “EMAIL” button at the top – click that and all of the data you have entered will be emailed to me.

On the EMERGENCY INFO page you can

– Call 911

– Locate Nearest Hospital

– Locate Nearby Taxi

– Locate Nearest Bike Shop

– Call me

There’s also a lot of “Stuff” you can read – to the extent you like reading a lot of stuff on your phone.  I have provided all pertinent Ohio “Bike Laws” along with my commentary about each.  I provide an essay about “What To Do” if you should crash.

The “FAQ’s” discuss more business-like issues – Do You Even NEED A Lawyer? – What Does Your BikeLawyer Actually DO For You? – Fees – Expenses – “Phantom Motorist” cases – What If the Insurer has “DENIED” My Claim – What The Heck is “SUBROGATION” And Why Is My Health Insurer Bugging Me?

My “Insurance Issues” essay discusses SIX insurance policies that can be triggered in a “bike crash” including – Your Health Insurance – Your AUTO policy – Your HOMEOWNER’S policy – the Other Guy’s Auto Policy – the Dog Owner’s Homeowner’s Policy – Your “UMBRELLA” policy –

There is also a brief “Crash Statistics” essay discussing how SAFE cycling is – there are only 2,000 “bike/car” crashes in Ohio each year.

OK, that’s it – download the App – put it through its paces – keep it handy- while the Legal discussion only applies to Ohio – the Crash App can be used for ANY accident ANYWHERE – even if you don’t need counsel, you should ALWAYS gather info at a crash – most of us, me included, forget about this once the adrenaline kicks in – having this App on your phone MAY help you gather some data that will be lost as soon as you ride/drive away…

Good Luck and Good Riding!

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  • Steve Magas says:

    Thanks for the love. If anyone has any comments, questions, concerns, etc about the App, please let me know. Obviously, if the App mistreats you in any way I want to know that ASAP!
    Steve Magas


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