I’m putting a new “ad” into some publications.  I thought I’d invite some comments on this one and see what folks thought!

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  • Fred Oswald says:

    Hi Steve,

    One concern — some people might see the upside down bike and think of a bike on the roof of a car. How about having it standing on the front wheel, perhaps like doing a “header”?

    — Fred

  • Steve Magas says:

    THanks Fred!… interesting perspective. I’ve had a lot of folks tell me the upside down bike was an eye-catcher… a “header” doesn’t quite fit with my “don’t let a crash turn your life upside down” concept though…

  • Khal Spencer says:

    The upside down bike works if you read the text promptly. If you want a stand-alone cartoon, perhaps ask Patrick O’Grady to come up with something. He is more nuts than most of us. And artistically talented. For example

  • danc says:

    Hmm, I don’t see the car roof but upside does work for as visual allegory bicycle out of action. Possibly a simpler model or drawing of a bicycle, as Khal suggested. I just looked at the proportion of image to the text in orginal size (screenshot), looks good. The blog page squeezes the image text. Remember about multiple sizes ad placement.

    Hey overall, very nice!

  • Steve Magas says:

    O’Grady does some great stuff. We’ll usually have a “box” around the ad so its not just floating around in white space. I appreciate the comments. The bike is meant to tie into the “don’t let a crash turn your life upside down” rhetoric.

  • Max Power says:

    I follow the concept, but you might want to use a more stylized or generic bicycle in the final version, so it doesn’t lead anyone to think that it’s an ad for equipment and skip reading the copy.

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