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The Ohio Bicycle Federation teamed up with State Senator Teresa Fedor to introduce a Bicycle Safety bill in the Ohio Legislature.  The bill, SB 174, would establish a minimum safe passing distance of three feet when a vehicle passes a bicycle.  This bill has been getting some airplay in the media…

From Bill Cohen

Progress Ohio

and a video of the news conference

I still remember the “Old Days” when we couldn’t get legislators, local state or national, to return our calls!  More later on how YOU can become an ADVOCATE and support the bill!

Steve Magas

The Bike Lawyer

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  • Joe Mizereck says:

    Steve, thanks for sharing this great news which will be even better once the 3 foot clearnce bill becomes law in Ohio.

    The battle for space between cyclists and motorists is intensifying–worldwide. Across the world cyclists share a fundamental need for space and 3 feet seems to be the universal minimum needed to ride a bike safely. Of course, more space is always better and appreciated but, 3 feet will allow for the safe passing of a cyclist by a motor vehicle. Moreover, “3 feet” gives meaning to the whole “share the road” mantra by giving motorists a clear and understandable frame of reference…3 feet.

    I think most cyclists will agree when I say that most motorists are courteous and respectful of our need for space. But there are a large number of motorists who just don’t get it. They don’t get the fear that sweeps over us as they pass within inches of our bodies. And they don’t get how hitting us would change lives—theirs, ours and our families. Their unyielding, sometimes malevolent, carelessness to the safety of cyclists is why we need 3 foot laws.

    It is important to point out that cyclists can solve the majority of their own problems by riding visibly and predictably. Unfortunately, there are some cyclists who also don’t get it. We need to educate them and hold them accountable as well. But for the great majority of cyclists who follow the rules and seek to coexist with motorized vehicles there must be greater enforcement of the laws against potentially lethal driving and greater public awareness campaigns.

    I commend Senators Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo)and Mark Wagoner (R-Ottawa Hills) for introducing the bill. It’s my hope that Ohio will join the other 15 states that have made the “3 foot clearance” language law and will use it as a tool to educate motorists on the need to give cyclists space when passing from the rear.

    Look, the question is simple: can the law help reduce the number of cyclists being injured or worse, killed? If the answer is yes, then you know what to do. And I assure you the answer is “yes”.

    And when the time comes to act I hope Ohioans do the right thing and are not swayed by those who claim that this will be just a “feel good” and unenforceable law. If we can get motorists to give cyclists at least 3 feet clearance when passing and do this by using the law as an educational tool, that will be something we can all feel good about.

    Make it law Ohio and start saving cyclists’ lives.

    Thank you,
    Joe Mizereck

    PS And for those who think it won’t be enforceable…hogwash. Just look at what the Florida State University Police Dept. did a few weeks ago with an experiment to see how it could be done: No tickets issued…pure education.

  • Keith Webb says:

    The Toledo City Council passed a Safe Passing ordinance last night fashioned from the State legislation currently being considered in the OH Senate. Many thanks to Councilman Steven Steel who sponsored the ordinance with plans to look at other ways to make the streets of Toledo safer for motorist and cyclists alike.

    Check out the coverage that aired on ABC news:

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