“…Protecting the Rights of Those Who Ride!”

Steve Protects The Rights of Riders.

If you have been injured in a Bicycle, Motorcycle or Car Crash you may be worried paying for your medical bills, you may be incurring lost wages, you may be experiencing pain and suffering like you never could have imagined. You may have an insurance adjustor calling you – being NICE – telling you “You don’t NEED a lawyer- I can send you a check…”
Remember, the insurance company you are dealing with wants to pay you NOTHING AT ALL, if possible, or the least amount of money it can get away with!  If you don’t protect your rights, you may not be able to make a claim, or you may get “BAMBOOZLED” [as the Ghost in the current Insurance Company TV ad says] .

Insurance companies are funny. Today they have a cute little Gecko, or funny Flo, or Limu the Emu, or Mayhem or old Jake or New Jake or even Ahhnold who can’t say “NayBah” – all to sell you insurance products.

They have funny sayings and claim to provide coverage in laughable situations [coughcough Farmers]. They sell cut rate low budget insurance using The General or Staying Legal For Less.

If YOU get injured, though, DO NOT BE FOOLED… You are NOT in “good hands” with Allstate – State Farm is NOT like a “good nay bah” – LiMu & Doug are your ENEMY, not your friend. Flo could not give a Crap about your injuries, your wage loss, your pain and suffering…

Insurers train their people well – they have meetings and protocols and procedures and plans ALL designed to PAY OUT AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. They have teams of highly skilled attorneys and adjusters whose goal is to protect the company’s money and pay you as little as they can.

The insurers would like you to believe they are easy going, fun entities just looking to give you a good deal… the reality is quite different. They are absolutely savage when it comes to trying to hoodwink you in accepting LESS for your claim than it may be worth.

Why wouldn’t they just pay you?

Well, one BIG reason is that your “claim” is not like other “things” they may have to pay for. A used car has a “value” in the marketplace of used cars and you can go to any number of sources to find a reasonable range of values. While there might be a little dickering, everyone can see what a reasonable result is.

Not so with an injury claim. There is no BLUE BOOK OF CLAIMS you can buy that tells you what a Fractured Clavicle with Open Reduction/Internal Fixation surgery is worth. The Blue Book doesn’t exist to evaluate and “value” a head injury, brain bleed, scapular fracture, torn rotator cuff, compression fracture of L1, complex hip fracture, Tib/Fib fracture, puncture wounds, facial wounds, scars, burns, or other injuries. Each is unique and each victim is unique.

The ONLY way to truly “Value” a claim is to file a lawsuit, go through the litigation process for a year or more, and then try the case to a jury. Ultimately the JURY sets the value of your claim. What we try to do as your lawyer is provide an educated guess of what a jury might do. What aspects of your have we found over the years to be favorable with juries causing them to issue bigger awards? What factors tend to drive DOWN jury awards?

Your claim is unique from every other claim. I can have 5 different people in identical crashes, with identical injuries and treatment, and get 5 VERY different results… Why? Because YOUR experience is yours alone and differs from what anyone else would experience – what kind of pain did you have- did you have to miss work – were you able to avoid surgery because your pre-crash condition was better than average? Did you have some prior conditions that were exacerbated by the crash that others didn’t?

Each case is unique and your lawyer’s job is to Accentuate the Positive to get the best possible result for YOU.


To make sure you get the BEST deal you can when dealing with an insurer in an Ohio crash claim you need an experienced OHIO Trial Lawyer to protect your rights and fight for you. 

Call me at 513-484-BIKE/2453 –> or email me at or send me a letter at Steve Magas, 7850 Five Mile Road, Cincinnati, OH 45230 or send me a text at 513-484-2453… send over your Owl or carrier pigeon… just REACH OUT ANYTIME for a FREE CONSULTATION.


I am an avid bicyclist & motorcyclist. I am also an Ohio Trial Lawyer with more than FORTY YEARS of experience handling all types of wrongful death and personal injury claims against recalcitrant, aggressive, obnoxious insurance companies. I have been “protecting the rights of riders…” throughout Ohio for my entire legal career.

An Experienced OHIO Lawyer can Reduce Your Stress Level

Being injured in a CRASH can be an ordeal.  You are hurt – possibly undergoing surgery and rehabilitation.  You can’t do the things you used to do.  You life gets turned upside down. The bills for your medical care are mounting – but you don’t think YOU should have to pay them since the crash was not your fault.  Even if you have medical insurance, your out of pocket expenses and deductibles or copays could be in the $1000s!

Then, you have to deal with the insurer, who assigns an insurance adjustor to handle the claim. This person can be super sugary sweet, or mean, aggressive and obnoxious – minimizing your injuries and questioning your integrity.  Either way, they do NOT want to pay you. You may be off work. They DON’T CARE.  You may not have health insurance.  They DON’T CARE! You may be angry, upset and stressed out. You don’t understand the claims process. You don’t understand your OWN insurance coverage. THEY DON’T CARE – The insurer ONLY cares about paying you as little as possible & if the adjustor gives away too much money they’ll be dinged in their next performance review and downgraded, or fired – their career will suffer… so no matter WHAT they tell you, they are your ADVERSARY – not your friend.

You need HELP!!


The first thing I do when I take your case is notify the insurance adjustor that he/she is prohibited from calling you any more.  ALL communication comes to my office.  This allows you to focus on recovering from your injuries. My job is to deal with the paperwork, investigate the crash, interview all witnesses, get the police report and police photographs, take more video or photographs, gather up your medical bills, medical records, proof of property damage and other documents, completely and fully DOCUMENT ALL ASPECTS OF OUR CLAIM, analyze all the data and then attempt to negotiate a FAIR recovery with the insurer.  Your job is simply to get better!

Crash photo

Q:  Do I Need a Lawyer At All?

The short answer is, “It Depends, but…”

If your injuries are anything more than truly “minor” or the accident you were involved in was in any contested, then you should consult a lawyer.  In every case involving fractures, disc injuries, nerve damage, a concussion or any sort of head injury, a BITE or wound, wage loss, treatment by your primary care doctor or specialists, ongoing medical care and medical bills, weeks or months of treatment, physical therapy, MRI’s or other tests, then you should DEFINITELY work with a lawyer.

Insurance companies will challenge your claim on every level.  In my 40+ years of experience handling hundreds of personal injury and accident claims, I have found that insurance companies tend to blame the bicyclist or motorcyclist for the crash, in whole or in part, in virtually every case.  The insurance investigator will argue that you were not riding safely or properly.  They will argue that you could have avoided the crash, that you weren’t paying attention, that you failed to “signal,” or committed some other violation of the traffic law that renders your case worthless.  

Often, in the bicycle world, they are reading the law of cycling for the very first time because they do not get all that many bicycle crash cases. They read a law that says you must ride “…as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable…” and IMMEDIATELY misinterpret the law to mean that you have to hug the curb or else you’re riding illegally… and then suddenly you hear:

I have handled over 500 bike crash cases. I’ve researched and written about Bike Law for 40 years. I give lectures to lawyers and judges all over Ohio on Bike Law… the adjustor is NOT going to be able to bamboozle me into thinking that my client did something wrong, or that I am somehow misreading Bike Law statutes – some of which I helped WRITE.


You need someone on YOUR side who can properly analyze the liability issues.

Insurance companies will also challenge your injuries and damages.  Insurance adjustors, claims representatives and investigators are highly trained specialists with one job –Insurers want to to minimize the amount of money it takes to resolve your claim.  They have special training in medicine, law and negotiating tactics. The insurance adjustor will often argue that your injuries are not supported by the medical records, that you are “malingering,” that your injuries should have resolved quicker or that some prior injury or condition you didn’t even know about is the “real” cause of your problems.

Remember, the insurance company only has one goal – to minimize its payment of money to you.

You need someone on YOUR side, aggressively fighting to protect YOUR rights.  As your attorney my ONLY obligation is obtain the best result possible for YOU.  Unless you have knowledge and experience in law, medicine, physics and the handling and negotiation of personal injury claims, you probably do not have the skill set necessary to maximize your recovery.


Q:  What does a Lawyer do that I can’t do myself?

You could probably do much of what a lawyer does – if you had the time, education, training, skills, patience, money to spend, experience and knowledge.  You probably do NOT have the training needed to recognize and analyze the complex legal and medical issues that arise in Bicycle & Motorcycle Crash claims.  You may lack the background in accident investigation, medicine or insurance law needed to successfully analyze these crash claims.  You may be sick and tired of dealing with the calls- with the mountains of paper that keep showing up in your mailbox – bills, letters, “subrogation” notices. You do not understand what “documentation” an insurer will require you to produce to resolve a claim- or how to get it.

Often just OBTAINING the records is its own tightrope process. We handle cases from Cincinnati to Cleveland – Toledo to Marietta. We deal with doctors and hospitals all over the state. Our staff knows how to get the records and bills we need quickly & efficiently to make sure you case moves as fast as possible towards a reasonable resolution.

Call ME!


Your lawyer wears many hats.  Initially, your lawyer is an investigator – interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, evaluating the police conclusions as to liability and, if needed, working with special crash reconstruction experts to properly analyze the crash.  I have investigated thousands of crashes and 100s of bicycle and motorcycle crashes.

Your lawyer also obtains, reviews, organizes and analyzes every single piece of paper & every BIT of DATA related to the crash and your injuries.  This includes all medical records and bills from all of your care providers – a time-consuming experience! Our office gathers up records every day and has the experience to expedite this often tedious process.  I have reviewed and analyzed medical records for 1000s of clients. We review crash statements, interview witnesses, watch hours of cruiser & body cam footage, look for Ring doorbell cameras and security cameras that might capture data. We dig every where to prove what happened and prove what injuries and damages you suffered.

Call Me


Your lawyer operates as a buffer between you and an often aggressive, or even obnoxious, insurance adjustor, handling all communications and negotiations.  I can protect you from these calls and aggressively present your claim to even the most annoying insurance adjustor!

Call Me!

Of course, your lawyer uses years of study and experience to provide you with independent, competent professional advice about the many legal issues that arise in personal injury cases.  Your lawyer is a professional negotiator, presenting your claim in a manner designed to maximize your recovery and handling all communications.  Over the past 40+ years, I have successfully resolved 1000s of claims.

Finally, if needed, your lawyer MUST be a litigator. “Litigation” meaning Going to Court – Filing a Lawsuit. Taking Depositions – Filing Motions – Handling a Trial – Filing an Appeal. Your lawyer is responsible for steering your case through the court system. 

I have been lead trial counsel in 100s of litigated matters in the state and federal courts throughout Ohio.  I have also appeared in several of Ohio’s courts of appeals and the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  we typically have 15-20% of our pending matters in “litigation” – meaning a lawsuit has been filed.

To ME, a lawsuit is a last resort in MOST cases. I tend to resolve 80-85% of our cases without suing anyone.


What kind of cases get settled & what kind cause a lawsuit to be filed? GREAT question!

Crash Cases have two very basic elements – “Liability” and “Damages.” Liability means who is at fault. If a crash occurs that is clearly, without question 100% the fault of the other side, then all we are arguing over is “How Much” the other side has to pay. Those cases TEND to resolve without litigation as long as both sides are reasonable.

Cases where there is some question about what happened, or who was at fault, or cases where it looks like BOTH parties may bear some fault are more difficult to settle without litigation. If an insurer has ANY tiny hook on which to hang its hat – if the insurer thinks it MIGHT be able to prove that you were at fault, they will beat that drum throughout to lowball you. Those kind of cases tend to result in a lawsuit.

Cases in which the victim is injured so badly that they are not done healing before the Statute of Limitations comes close also tend to end up in litigation. We will ALWAYS recommend that you DO NOT SETTLE a claim until you KNOW the full impact and have a chance to recover, or get to a point where you are as good as you’re going to get.


Sometimes there is evidence that might be destroyed over time – security footage from a 7/11 that might get written over – a car’s “black box” that might erase data from a crash – the Phone of the Driver might be whitewashed and cleared of all data. Anyone watches Dateline knows that Phones can provide all SORTS of data which can be forensically extracted. Cases like this require QUICK action by the lawyer to preserve the evidence. Once it is gone it is gone & you can’t speculate what might have been on security footage or in the black box. In today’s High Tech world, these actions can make or break a case.

Other cases that end up in litigation are Claims which are flat out DENIED by the insurer, but where WE believe the client is in the right We often have to file suit very quickly.

In one case, percolating right now, a Simply Fabulous insurance company denied the claim a few days after a serious, catastrophic crash, while the victim was still in a coma. They refused to let us look at the vehicle involved and told us to pound salt when we said we wanted to look at the driver’s phone. We filed suit, filed for an injunction prohibiting any action from being taken on the vehicle, tied the vehicle up for months, retained a bicycle crash investigator who examined the vehicle, downloaded the “black box” data, downloaded the client’s bicycle GPS, downloaded the motorist’s phone data, discovered text messages created & received during critical moments and created a report that provides multiple layers of negligence on the part of the motorist which SHOULD HAVE stopped the insurer from swiftly denying the claim… A snap denial by an insurer can set up a potential Bad Faith claim if the attorney act quickly and decisively…

Since part of my work and trial experience includes stints with an aggressive insurance defense law firm and as in-house trial counsel for major insurance company, I have seen these cases from “both sides” and have a very good understanding of how insurance companies “think.” This provides my clients with an added benefit – getting advice on WHY the insurer might be taking the stance it is taking and what we can read into that.

Q:  Why do I need a “BIKE Lawyer?”

I am an avid bicycle & motorcycle rider.  I have logged thousands of bike & motorcycle miles on all types roadways and am familiar with the issues facing riders every day – distracted and aggressive motorists, semi-trucks, snarling dogs, bad road conditions – I’ve seen it all.

My law practice centers around two wheels!  As Ohio’s BIKE Lawyer with more than 40 years of experience and 1000s of successful personal injury and accident cases under my belt, I am uniquely qualified to aggressively pursue your Crash claim.


Q:  What about property damage to my BIKE and other gear?

A: For many of my clients, their first question after getting hit by a car is, “How’s my bike?”

Insurers often don’t understand how to value a bicycle or motorcycle and make very low offers to settle your property damage claim.  Under Ohio law, you are entitled receive the cost of repair, up to the “value” of your bike.  Unlike many lawyers and insurance adjustors, I know how valuable bicycles & motorcycles can be.  Riders LOVE their bikes and tweak them endlessly. Rarely does an experience just have an “off the showroom floor” bike – they add piece, upgrade parts, swap out for better components… all of which impacts the value calculation. We have experience dealing with property damage claims in 100s of bicycle & motorcycle cases!!


Q:  Why is TRIAL experience so important?

There are more than 40,000 lawyers in Ohio.  Most of them have never tried a case to a jury and many have never been inside a courtroom!  I have more than 40 years of trial experience and have been “Trial Counsel” in hundreds of cases.  I have handled cases in many of Ohio’s 88 counties – from the most urban to the most rural – and have tried many cases to verdict and through an appeal during my career as a trial lawyer.

We take cases as far as they need to go. It’s YOUR case. If we cannot settle it I am not afraid to take your case to trial if that is what it takes to maximize the value of your Crash claim.  I have tried cases to verdict in many Ohio courtrooms.  I remain fully involved and responsible for your case at all times.


A:  Why is Insurance Experience so important?

Unlike most “personal injury” lawyers, my legal experience includes working as an insurance lawyer.  I spent several years as in-house trial counsel for a multi-billion dollar international insurer handling the defense of insurance claims and representing the company in litigation.  I have also worked as an insurance defense lawyer for an aggressive litigation law firm which handled cases for some 20 different insurance companies.  This experience provided me valuable insight into how insurance adjustors work and how decisions are made by insurance companies.  I put that knowledge and experience to work for YOU as your BIKE Lawyer!

Q:  I had a CRASH. When should I call you?

A: Call me immediately at 513-484-BIKE [2453], or send me an email at

Do not talk to the other person’s insurance companies until after you have consulted a lawyer.

If you give a “statement” to the insurer, you may unknowingly make damaging statements or provide information the insurer is not entitled to have.

I make a point of returning all calls and e-mails the day I receive them. If you have been injured in a CRASH you need to know right away what insurance coverage is in place to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. I can initiate an attorney/client relationship & get involved in your case IMMEDIATELY.


Scene 3

Q:  What are your fees for handling CRASH claims? Are you going to bill me for the time you spend on my case?

A: I handle most CRASH on a contingency fee basis. This means I ONLY GET PAID WHEN I RECOVER MONEY FOR YOU. If there is no recovery there is no fee.  I do not bill you for phone calls or for my time.  You pay my fee at the end of the case out of the monies I am able to recover for you.

Q: Will I get to talk to YOU if I call 513-484-BIKE or write to you at

A: Yes. I offer a FREE CONSULTATION on all Crash claims.  Every person who calls for a free consultation talks directly to me. I promptly return calls if I am unavailable but usually you will talk to me right away or later the same day.

Q: Should I call you even if I want to handle my claim myself?

A: Yes! While handling a case on your own can be risky I do recommend that in some smaller cases.  I am happy to discuss your claim when you call and provide you with my insights and suggestions.  If I think I can help you I will say so – if I think you are better off handling your claim on your own, I will honestly tell you so.


Q:  Do I have to go downtown to meet you?

A: NO!  I will meet you wherever it is convenient for you.  I am happy to meet you in your home, your business, a restaurant or wherever it is convenient for you.  We can always meet in my office, as well.  My main office is in Anderson Township, at 7850 Five Mile Road, Cincinnati, OH 45230.  I also have a satellite office near 275 and Fields Ertel, on Waterstone.  If downtown is best for you, I also have access to a variety of meeting places downtown.

In today’s “virtual Post-Covid world” I find myself more and more becoming involved in claims through email, Zoom and telephone interaction.  I can email the critical forms and documents to you for your review and we can establish an attorney-client relationship in this manner!


Q:  Can I recover even if the motorist never hit me?

A: Yes. Physical contact between your Bike and another motor vehicle is NOT required for the motorist to be liable. Cyclists & Motorcyclists sometimes crash while taking evasive action to avoid a motor vehicle that is being carelessly operated.  Sometimes the motorist does not bother to stop – or even KNOW that an accident occurred.  The motorist can still be held liable if their negligence required the motorcyclist to take the evasive action which led to a crash. In a Hit & Run situation we can use YOUR auto/motorcycle coverage to secure a recovery.


Q:  Can I recover even if the motorist’s insurer denies my claim?

A: Yes. A “denial” of your claim by an insurance adjustor may be based on an incorrect analysis of your claim by the insurer.  If the insurer does not understand the operation of a Bike, the insurer may feel that you were at fault in a crash when you were not.

If the insurer feels you were at fault in the crash, in whole or in part,  it may “deny” your claim – this means the insurer simply refuses to pay.  An insurer’s refusal to pay is sometimes jokingly referred to as the “WAP” defense – “We Ain’t Paying!”

The denial of a claim does not mean you cannot recover.  In many cases, I have been able to re-open a “denied” claim after properly analyzing how the crash occurred and presenting this fresh analysis to the adjustor.

In cases where the insurer still refuses to consider the claim, only a lawsuit can move the claim forward.  I have handled many cases which were initially denied but were then favorably settled after we filed suit.  Sometimes the insurer needs to approach a trial date, and face the risk of a large jury verdict, before it decides to settle.


Q:  Can I recover if the other driver had no insurance?

A: Yes. If you have “uninsured motorist” coverage, you may be able to recover money for your medical bills and pain and suffering even if the other driver had no insurance.  However, uninsured motorist claims are notoriously complex.  You should consult with an attorney before proceeding on your own.


Q:  How do I recover if the other driver only has “state minimum” coverage and my medical bills are more than the coverage?

A: Ohio’s “state minimum” coverage is only $25,000 and is one of the lowest in the country.  Many insurers are taking advantage of this and television advertising promising to “keep you legal” is at an all time high.

Frequently, though, when just the medical bills and wage loss from a motorcycle accident are calculated, the loss is approaches or exceeds $25,000.00.  The value of your claim includes much more than just bills and wage loss.  In such situations, the motorcyclist’s “underinsured motorist” coverage may apply.  These claims can be very complex and a lawyer familiar with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage should be consulted.


I have handled cases involving many complex insurance questions, including uninsured/underinsured motorist issues.  Ohio courts have issued hundreds of decisions affecting these complex claims just in the past few years, and familiarity with the current state of the law is critical to protecting YOUR rights.


Q:  My health insurer has sent me a “subrogation” letter and seems to want me to pay money back!  What the heck is “subrogation” anyway?  Do I have to pay them back?

A: “Subrogation” is a very important and complex legal concept that arises in virtually every injury claim in which there is health or disability insurance.  “Subrogation” means that you, the injured victim, may be required to pay back his or her health insurer, auto insurer or disability insurer out of the proceeds of a personal injury claim settlement!  Your insurance policy needs to be reviewed to determine the extent of any “subrogation” provisions.

If you try to handle your claim without a lawyer, you may not realize until it is too late that you are required to pay back your insurer.  If you settle for too little money, the insurer may be able to get all or most of it, leaving you without recourse!  If your medical bills are paid by Medicare or Medicaid, there are specific laws which may require you pay back the government for accident-related medical bills out of any settlement.

The possibility of a “subrogation” claim is one very important reason why you should contact a lawyer for advice on your motorcycle accident claim!

I have successfully resolved hundreds of “subrogation” issues for my clients.  Frequently, if the proper arguments are aggressively made, subrogation claims can be negotiated such that the insurer takes no money, or considerably less money than it initially demands from you.  This negotiation with your own insurers is part of the service I provide and another way I am able to maximize your recovery.


Q:  How do I know if I have a good CRASH claim?

A: You need to contact me and we can discuss your case. I offer a FREE CONSULTATION about your claim. STEVE MAGAS 513-484-BIKE/2453 – BIKELAWYER@ME.COM

Q: Should I accept an offer from an insurance company?  How Much is my claim WORTH???

A: Without discussing your case with you in detail, it is impossible to know if the offer the insurer has made even comes close to the reasonable value of your claim.  Remember, the insurance company’s representative is a well-trained, highly skilled advocate with an important job—to minimize the amount of money the insurer pays you.

Your claim is a “thing” which has a value in a very special marketplace –a marketplace where only a judge or jury can set the “true” value.

If you wanted to sell an old oil painting, ’65 Mustang or Pete Rose rookie baseball card, I would send you to an appropriate expert to have those “things” valued since I lack the training and experience to provide you with a reasonable value.  I would tell you, and  you would be smart enough to know, that the person who wants to buy your “thing” is not likely to offer the full value if they think you’ll take a lot less because you don’t understand the value!  Just like those buyers, insurance companies will lowball you and try to get you to sell your “thing” – your claim – to them at a substantial discount.

With any CRASH/INJURY claim, the same negotiating reasoning applies.  As your lawyer one of the many hats I wear is acting as an “appraiser” of your claim. The insurer wants to “buy” your claim –to pay you money to settle your claim.  Unless you have training in law and medicine, and experience researching jury verdicts and negotiating or trying such cases, you probably do not fully understand the factors that make your claim more or less valuable.  You may lack the ability to determine if the insurer’s offer is “in the ballpark” of the value of your claim. You may grossly over, or under, value your claim.

My experience includes successfully resolving 1000s of injury cases over the past 40 years.  I have put cases together from start to finish, researched legal and medical issues, consulted with appropriate experts, including accident reconstruction experts, visited the scenes of almost every accident I’ve been involved with, studied police reports, analyzed medical records, negotiated simple and complex cases and taken many cases to trial.  My experience provides me with the qualifications to analyze and maximize the recovery in YOUR claim!


Q: Will my case take up a lot of my time?

Crash 3

A: No. Once I take a case, I handle everything.  We gather up all the paper, handle all dealings with the insurer and work to settle your claim.  You will only need to keep my office informed of your treatment and recovery.

Once you have recovered and we have all of your documents, I will discuss my analysis of your case with you and together we will decide on a settlement negotiation strategy.  I will discuss with you EVERY offer made by the insurer.   YOU make the decision about whether to resolve the case or not.

In fact, some cases are resolved with only a few telephone calls with the client.  If your case cannot be settled, and a lawsuit is needed, then your time involvement would increase.


Q: Will I have to go to trial?

A: Over the years I have noted that I settle roughly 80-85% of all personal injury claims before a lawsuit is even filed.  Of the 15-20% of cases in which a lawsuit is filed, only 1-2% of those ever get to “trial” as the vast majority are settled before trial.  Unless your claim fits into that 1-2% of cases that cannot be settled short of trial, you can be reasonably assured that the likelihood of your going to trial is very slim.


Q: What other types of accident cases do you handle?

A: I handle virtually any Ohio case where someone is hurt or killed.  These include:

  • All types of crashes and collisions involving motorcycles, scooters, wheelchairs, rollerblades, mopeds and motorized motorcycles.
  • Dog attacks
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian Injuries
  • Product Liability
  • Frame or Component Failures
  • Explosions
  • Plane Crashes
  • Wrongful Death
  • Brain Injuries/Concussions
  • Catastrophic Injury claims
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Disc Injuries – Bulging discs, Herniated discs
  • Nerve Damage
  • Surgery
  • ATV accident

Q: Where in OHIO do you handle cases?

A: I have handled hundreds of personal injury and accident cases throughout southern Ohio, including Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton, Middletown, Batavia, Lebanon, Georgetown, Hamilton County, Clermont County, Butler County, Warren County, Brown County, Highland County and Adams County. I have handled cases throughout Ohio, including Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Mansfield, Indian Lake, Zanesville, Bellefontaine, Marietta, Portsmouth, Ironton and Troy.  I provide a FREE CONSULTATION about personal injury, accident or bicycle cases to EVERYONE! 

CALL ME AT 513-484-BIKE/2453 TODAY

Adams County:
Cherry Fork, Manchester, Peebles, Rome, Seaman, West Union, Winchester
Allen County:
Beaverdam, Bluffton, Cairo, Delphos, Elida, Fort Shawnee, Harrod, Lafayette, 
Lima, Spencerville
Ashland County:
Ashland, Bailey Lakes, Hayesville, Jeromesville, Loudonville, Mifflin, 
Perrysville, Polk, Savannah
Ashtabula County:
Andover, Ashtabula, Conneaut, Edgewood, Geneva, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Jefferson, 
North Kingsville, Orwell, Roaming Shores, Rock Creek
Athens County:
Albany, Amesville, Athens, Buchtel, Chauncey, Coolville, Glouster, Jacksonville, 
Nelsonville, The Plains, Trimble
Auglaize County:
Buckland, Cridersville, Minster, New Bremen, New Knoxville, St. Marys, 
Uniopolis, Wapakoneta, Waynesfield
Belmont County:
Barnesville, Bellaire, Belmont, Bethesda, Bridgeport, Brookside, Fairview, 
Flushing, Holloway, Martins Ferry, Morristown, Neffs, Powhatan Point, St. 
Clairsville, Shadyside, Wilson, Yorkville
Brown County:
Aberdeen, Fayetteville, Georgetown, Hamersville, Higginsport, Mount Orab, 
Ripley, Russellville, St. Martin, Sardinia
Butler County:
Beckett Ridge, College Corner, Fairfield, Hamilton, Jacksonburg, Middletown, 
Millville, Monroe, New Miami, Olde West Chester, Oxford, Ross, Seven Mile, 
Sharonville, Somerville, South Middletown, Trenton, Wetherington
Carroll County:
Carrollton, Dellroy, Leesville, Magnolia, Malvern, Minerva, Sherrodsville
Champaign County:
Christiansburg, Mechanicsburg, Mutual, North Lewisburg, St. Paris, Urbana, 
Clark County:
Catawba, Clifton, Crystal Lakes, Donnelsville, Enon, Green Meadows, Holiday 
Valley, Lawrenceville, New Carlisle, North Hampton, Northridge, Park Layne, 
South Charleston, South Vienna, Springfield, Tremont City
Clermont County:
Amelia, Batavia, Bethel, Cherry Grove, Chilo, Day Heights, Felicity, Loveland, 
Milford, Moscow, Mount Carmel, Mount Repose, Mulberry, Neville, New Richmond, 
Newtonsville, Owensville, Summerside, Williamsburg, Withamsville
Clinton County:
Blanchester, Clarksville, Martinsville, Midland, New Vienna, Port William, 
Sabina, Wilmington
Columbiana County:
Calcutta, Columbiana, East Liverpool, East Palestine, Glenmoor, Hanoverton, La 
Croft, Leetonia, Lisbon, Minerva, New Waterford, Rogers, Salem, Salineville, 
Summitville, Washingtonville, Wellsville
Coshocton County:
Baltic, Conesville, Coshocton, Nellie, Plainfield, Warsaw, West Lafayette
Crawford County:
Bucyrus, Chatfield, Crestline, Galion, New Washington, North Robinson, Tiro
Cuyahoga County:
Bay Village, Beachwood, Bedford, Bedford Heights, Bentleyville, Berea, 
Bratenahl, Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Brook 
Park, Chagrin Falls, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga Heights, East 
Cleveland, Euclid, Fairview Park, Garfield Heights, Gates Mills, Glenwillow, 
Highland Heights, Highland Hills, Hunting Valley, Independence, Lakewood, 
Linndale, Lyndhurst, Maple Heights, Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, Middleburg 
Heights, Moreland Hills, Newburgh Heights, North Olmsted, North Randall, North 
Royalton, Oakwood, Olmsted Falls, Orange, Parma, Parma Heights, Pepper Pike, 
Richmond Heights, Rocky River, Seven Hills, Shaker Heights, Solon, South Euclid, 
Strongsville, University Heights, Valley View, Walton Hills, Warrensville 
Heights, Westlake, Woodmere
Darke County:
Ansonia, Arcanum, Bradford, Burkettsville, Castine, Gettysburg, Gordon, 
Greenville, Hollansburg, Ithaca, New Madison, New Weston, North Star, Osgood, 
Palestine, Pitsburg, Rossburg, Union City, Versailles, Wayne Lakes, Yorkshire
Defiance County:
Defiance, Hicksville, Ney, Sherwood
Delaware County:
Ashley, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Galena, Ostrander, Powell, Shawnee Hills, 
Sunbury, Westerville
Erie County:
Bay View, Berlin Heights, Castalia, Fairview Lanes, Huron, Kelleys Island, 
Milan, Sandusky, Sandusky South, Vermilion
Fairfield County:
Amanda, Baltimore, Bremen, Buckeye Lake, Canal Winchester, Carroll, Columbus, 
Fairfield Beach, Lancaster, Lithopolis, Millersport, Pickerington, 
Pleasantville, Reynoldsburg, Rushville, Stoutsville, Sugar Grove, Thurston, West 
Fayette County:
Bloomingburg, Jeffersonville, Milledgeville, New Holland, Octa, Washington
Franklin County:
Bexley, Blacklick Estates, Brice, Canal Winchester, Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, 
Grandview Heights, Grove City, Groveport, Harrisburg, Hilliard, Huber Ridge, 
Lake Darby, Lincoln Village, Lockbourne, Marble Cliff, Minerva Park, New Albany, 
New Rome, Obetz, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, Riverlea, Upper Arlington, 
Urbancrest, Valleyview, Westerville, Whitehall, Worthington
Fulton County:
Archbold, Delta, Fayette, Lyons, Metamora, Swanton, Wauseon
Gallia County:
Centerville, Cheshire, Crown City, Gallipolis, Rio Grande, Vinton
Geauga County:
Aquilla, Bainbridge, Burton, Chardon, Chesterland, Hunting Valley, Middlefield, 
South Russell
Greene County:
Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Bowersville, Cedarville, Clifton, Fairborn, Jamestown, 
Kettering, Shawnee Hills, Spring Valley, Wilberforce, Wright-Patterson AFB, 
Xenia, Yellow Springs
Guernsey County:
Byesville, Cambridge, Cumberland, Fairview, Kimbolton, Lore City, Old 
Washington, Pleasant City, Quaker City, Salesville, Senecaville
Hamilton County:
Addyston, Amberley, Arlington Heights, Blue Ash, Bridgetown North, Cherry Grove, 
Cheviot, Cincinnati, Cleves, Covedale, Deer Park, Dent, Dillonvale, Dry Run, 
Elmwood Place, Evendale, Fairfax, Fairfield, Finneytown, Forest Park, 
Forestville, Fruit Hill, Glendale, Golf Manor, Grandview, Greenhills, Groesbeck, 
Harrison, Kenwood, Lincoln Heights, Lockland, Loveland, Loveland Park, Mack 
North, Mack South, Madeira, Mariemont, Milford, Monfort Heights East, Monfort 
Heights South, Montgomery, Mount Carmel, Mount Healthy, Mount Healthy Heights, 
Newtown, North Bend, Northbrook, North College Hill, Northgate, Norwood, 
Pleasant Run, Pleasant Run Farm, Reading, St. Bernard, Sharonville, Sherwood, 
Silverton, Springdale, Terrace Park, The Village of Indian Hill, Turpin Hills, 
White Oak, White Oak East, White Oak West, Woodlawn, Wyoming
Hancock County:
Arcadia, Arlington, Benton Ridge, Bluffton, Findlay, Fostoria, Jenera, McComb, 
Mount Blanchard, Mount Cory, Rawson, Van Buren, Vanlue
Hardin County:
Ada, Alger, Dunkirk, Forest, Kenton, McGuffey, Mount Victory, Patterson, 
Harrison County:
Adena, Bowerston, Cadiz, Deersville, Freeport, Harrisville, Hopedale, Jewett, 
New Athens, Scio
Henry County:
Deshler, Florida, Hamler, Holgate, Liberty Center, McClure, Malinta, Napoleon, 
New Bavaria
Highland County:
Greenfield, Highland, Hillsboro, Leesburg, Lynchburg, Mowrystown, Sinking Spring
Hocking County:
Buchtel, Laurelville, Logan, Murray City
Holmes County:
Baltic, Glenmont, Holmesville, Killbuck, Loudonville, Millersburg, Nashville
Huron County:
Bellevue, Greenwich, Milan, Monroeville, New London, North Fairfield, Norwalk, 
Plymouth, Wakeman, Willard
Jackson County:
Coalton, Jackson, Oak Hill, Wellston
Jefferson County:
Adena, Amsterdam, Bergholz, Bloomingdale, Dillonvale, Empire, Irondale, Mingo 
Junction, Mount Pleasant, New Alexandria, Rayland, Richmond, Salineville, 
Smithfield, Steubenville, Stratton, Tiltonsville, Toronto, Wintersville, 
Knox County:
Centerburg, Danville, Fredericktown, Gambier, Gann, Martinsburg, Mount Vernon, 
Lake County:
Eastlake, Fairport Harbor, Grand River, Kirtland, Kirtland Hills, Lakeline, 
Madison, Mentor, Mentor-on-the-Lake, North Madison, North Perry, Painesville, 
Perry, Timberlake, Waite Hill, Wickliffe, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, 
Lawrence County:
Athalia, Burlington, Chesapeake, Coal Grove, Hanging Rock, Ironton, 
Proctorville, South Point
Licking County:
Alexandria, Beechwood Trails, Buckeye Lake, Granville, Granville South, Gratiot, 
Hanover, Harbor Hills, Hartford, Heath, Hebron, Johnstown, Kirkersville, Newark, 
Pataskala, Reynoldsburg, St. Louisville, Utica
Logan County:
Belle Center, Bellefontaine, De Graff, Huntsville, Lakeview, Quincy, Ridgeway, 
Rushsylvania, Russells Point, Valley Hi, West Liberty, West Mansfield, 
Lorain County:
Amherst, Avon, Avon Lake, Eaton Estates, Elyria, Grafton, Kipton, Lagrange, 
Lorain, North Ridgeville, Oberlin, Rochester, Sheffield, Sheffield Lake, South 
Amherst, Vermilion, Wellington
Lucas County:
Berkey, Harbor View, Holland, Maumee, Oregon, Ottawa Hills, Swanton, Sylvania, 
Toledo, Waterville, Whitehouse
Madison County:
Choctaw Lake, London, Midway, Mount Sterling, Plain City, South Solon, West 
Mahoning County:
Alliance, Austintown, Beloit, Boardman, Campbell, Canfield, Columbiana, Craig 
Beach, Lowellville, Maple Ridge, Mineral Ridge, New Middletown, Poland, Sebring, 
Struthers, Washingtonville, Youngstown
Marion County:
Caledonia, Green Camp, La Rue, Marion, Morral, New Bloomington, Prospect, Waldo
Medina County:
Brunswick, Chippewa Lake, Gloria Glens Park, Lodi, Medina, Rittman, Seville, 
Spencer, Wadsworth, Westfield Center
Meigs County:
Middleport, Pomeroy, Racine, Rutland, Syracuse
Mercer County:
Burkettsville, Celina, Chickasaw, Coldwater, Fort Recovery, Mendon, Montezuma, 
Rockford, St. Henry
Miami County:
Bradford, Casstown, Covington, Fletcher, Huber Heights, Laura, Ludlow Falls, 
Piqua, Pleasant Hill, Potsdam, Tipp City, Troy, West Milton
Monroe County:
Antioch, Beallsville, Clarington, Graysville, Jerusalem, Lewisville, 
Miltonsburg, Stafford, Wilson, Woodsfield
Montgomery County:
Brookville, Carlisle, Centerville, Clayton, Dayton, Drexel, Englewood, 
Farmersville, Fort McKinley, Germantown, Huber Heights, Kettering, Miamisburg, 
Moraine, New Lebanon, Northridge, Oakwood, Phillipsburg, Riverside, Shiloh, 
Springboro, Trotwood, Union, Vandalia, Verona, West Carrollton City, 
Woodbourne-Hyde Park, Wright-Patterson AFB
Morgan County:
Chesterhill, McConnelsville, Malta, Stockport
Morrow County:
Cardington, Chesterville, Edison, Fulton, Marengo, Mount Gilead, Sparta
Muskingum County:
Adamsville, Dresden, Frazeysburg, Fultonham, Gratiot, New Concord, North 
Zanesville, Norwich, Philo, Pleasant Grove, Roseville, South Zanesville, 
Noble County:
Batesville, Belle Valley, Caldwell, Dexter City, Sarahsville, Summerfield
Ottawa County:
Clay Center, Elmore, Genoa, Marblehead, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, Put-in-Bay, 
Rocky Ridge
Paulding County:
Antwerp, Broughton, Cecil, Grover Hill, Haviland, Latty, Melrose, Oakwood, 
Paulding, Payne, Scott
Perry County:
Corning, Crooksville, Glenford, Hemlock, Junction City, New Lexington, New 
Straitsville, Rendville, Roseville, Shawnee, Somerset, Thornville
Pickaway County:
Ashville, Circleville, Commercial Point, Darbyville, Harrisburg, Logan Elm 
Village, New Holland, Orient, South Bloomfield, Tarlton, Williamsport
Pike County:
Beaver, Piketon, Waverly City
Portage County:
Aurora, Brady Lake, Brimfield, Garrettsville, Hiram, Kent, Mantua, Mogadore, 
Ravenna, Streetsboro, Sugar Bush Knolls, Tallmadge, Windham
Preble County:
Camden, College Corner, Eaton, Eldorado, Gratis, Lewisburg, New Paris, Verona, 
West Alexandria, West Elkton, West Manchester
Putnam County:
Belmore, Cloverdale, Columbus Grove, Continental, Dupont, Fort Jennings, Gilboa, 
Glandorf, Kalida, Leipsic, Miller City, Ottawa, Ottoville, Pandora, West Leipsic
Richland County:
Bellville, Butler, Crestline, Lexington, Lucas, Mansfield, Ontario, Plymouth, 
Shelby, Shiloh
Ross County:
Adelphi, Bainbridge, Chillicothe, Clarksburg, Frankfort, Kingston, North Fork 
Village, South Salem
Sandusky County:
Ballville, Bellevue, Burgoon, Clyde, Fremont, Gibsonburg, Green Springs, Helena, 
Lindsey, Stony Prairie, Woodville
Scioto County:
Franklin Furnace, Lucasville, New Boston, Otway, Portsmouth, Rarden, Rosemount, 
Sciotodale, South Webster, West Portsmouth, Wheelersburg
Seneca County:
Attica, Bettsville, Bloomville, Fostoria, Green Springs, New Riegel, Republic, 
Shelby County:
Anna, Botkins, Fort Loramie, Jackson Center, Kettlersville, Lockington, Port 
Jefferson, Russia, Sidney
Stark County:
Alliance, Beach City, Brewster, Canal Fulton, Canton, East Canton, East Sparta, 
Greentown, Hartville, Hills and Dales, Limaville, Louisville, Magnolia, 
Massillon, Meyers Lake, Minerva, Navarre, North Canton, Perry Heights, 
Uniontown, Waynesburg, Wilmot
Summit County:
Akron, Barberton, Boston Heights, Clinton, Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Green, 
Hudson, Lakemore, Macedonia, Mogadore, Montrose-Ghent, Munroe Falls, New 
Franklin, Northfield, Norton, Peninsula, Pigeon Creek, Portage Lakes, 
Reminderville, Richfield, Silver Lake, Stow, Tallmadge, Twinsburg
Trumbull County:
Bolindale, Brookfield Center, Champion Heights, Churchill, Cortland, Girard, 
Hilltop, Howland Center, Hubbard, Leavittsburg, Lordstown, McDonald, Maplewood 
Park, Masury, Mineral Ridge, Newton Falls, Niles, Orangeville, South Canal, 
Vienna Center, Warren, West Farmington, West Hill, Yankee Lake, Youngstown
Tuscarawas County:
Baltic, Barnhill, Bolivar, Dennison, Dover, Gnadenhutten, Midvale, Mineral City, 
Newcomerstown, New Philadelphia, Parral, Port Washington, Roswell, Stone Creek, 
Strasburg, Sugarcreek, Tuscarawas, Uhrichsville, Zoar
Union County:
Dublin, Magnetic Springs, Marysville, Milford Center, Plain City, Richwood, 
Unionville Center
Van Wert County:
Convoy, Delphos, Elgin, Middle Point, Ohio City, Scott, Van Wert, Venedocia, 
Willshire, Wren
Vinton County:
Hamden, McArthur, Wilkesville, Zaleski
Warren County:
Blanchester, Butlerville, Carlisle, Corwin, Five Points, Franklin, Harveysburg, 
Hunter, Landen, Lebanon, Loveland, Loveland Park, Maineville, Mason, Middletown, 
Monroe, Morrow, Pleasant Plain, South Lebanon, Springboro, Waynesville
Washington County:
Belpre, Beverly, Devola, Lowell, Lower Salem, Macksburg, Marietta, Matamoras
Wayne County:
Apple Creek, Burbank, Congress, Creston, Dalton, Doylestown, Fredericksburg, 
Marshallville, Mount Eaton, Norton, Orrville, Rittman, Shreve, Smithville, West 
Salem, Wooster
Williams County:
Alvordton, Blakeslee, Bryan, Edgerton, Edon, Holiday City, Montpelier, Pioneer, 
Stryker, West Unity
Wood County:
Bairdstown, Bloomdale, Bowling Green, Bradner, Custar, Cygnet, Fostoria, Grand 
Rapids, Haskins, Hoytville, Jerry City, Luckey, Millbury, Milton Center, North 
Baltimore, Northwood, Pemberville, Perrysburg, Portage, Risingsun, Rossford, 
Tontogany, Walbridge, Wayne, West Millgrove, Weston
Wyandot County:
Carey, Harpster, Kirby, Marseilles, Nevada, Sycamore, Upper Sandusky, Wharton


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