Ohio’s Latest Cycling Fatality Hits Home

It was really cold on Sunday November 1, 2020. It was the first morning of the new “clock” as we had set our clocks back an hour. So it was light an hour earlier than Saturday. Local trial attorney & Ironman Steve Adams decided to take an early bike ride that day. He was killed around 6:30 am by a hit & run driver.

I didn’t know Steve personally but I knew of him. Pretty much anyone in the courthouse loop did. He was a former assistant county prosecutor who had left for private practice. He was well known as a “DUI Guy”  because he was always caught up with www.giannicriminallaw.com/dwi/ lawyers and criminal defense lawyer. I understand that he was a swimmer in college who got into the Triathlon lane and was a 4x Ironman. His site was “NotGuiltyAdams.com” and he had a book for sale there called “Practice Law Like An Ironman” –

Everyone I’ve heard speak about Steve indicated he was a good guy – a very tough competitor and adversary in a courtroom legal battle, but one that you could talk to afterwards.

So what happened?

Police are still trying to find the hit/run culprit. It appears from the evidence at the scene that Steve was riding 30 minutes or so before sunrise. He was slammed into from behind. From the images at the scene captured my local media, it appears that his rear tail light was still on long after the crash.

Without a lot of data, or the crash report, we’re just speculating here. I’ve been to the scene several times now, however, and this seems like a reasonable extrapolation of the data that has been released.  Images of the  rear wheel taken by local media show how it was essentially exploded… blown apart at impact… that takes some energy & speed.

I know police are looking for the hit/run felon. We talked to a woman who lived right there. She heard a LOUD crash and thought her car had been struck. She came out and found Steve, cradling him until the EMT squad & police arrived. The vehicle that slammed into him was gone. Steve was riding southbound on Eastern Ave. near the point shown on the map below when he was struck.

Hit & Run continues to be a huge – daily –  problem in this country. I have a Google Alert set to ping on hit/run cases involving cyclists & pedestrians and it pings multiple times each day. We know that, statistically, pedestrians & cyclists are more likely to be the victims of hit/run criminals than people in cars. I guess it is somehow “easier” to leave a person bleeding on the street than to unhook your vehicle from another car and drive off? I don’t know…

Our thoughts & prayers are with Steve’s family and friends as they are devastated by this tragedy…

Stay Safe out there!

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