Cyclist Killed in NYC – She “Slipped Off her Bike” says NYPD? Huh???

In NYC cops say a cyclist … SLIPPED OFF HER BIKE… and was hit by a truck driver who “made a left turn from the rightmost lane” onto East 9th Street…

Wait… she’s to the left of the truck – the truck driver makes a left turn from the right lane as she is on the left…

“After a box truck driver fatally struck 31-year-old cyclist Kelly Hurley as she rode in the First Avenue bike lane twelve days ago, the NYPD issued a single summons to the driver for not having a crossover mirror. “He didn’t have any issues with his license, he was not driving under the influence, the victim sadly slipped off her bike,” NYPD spokesman Detective Ahmed Nasser told the Voice.”

Steve Vaccarro, a lawyer who represents cyclists in NYC, definitely… shall we say… “disagrees” with the NYPD “analysis” of the deadly crash…

“The traffic going straight has the right of way — the bicycle traffic going straight has the right of way, motor vehicle traffic entering the turn bay through the yield teeth absolutely does not have the right of way and must yield to all traffic that it might come in conflict with.”

Here’s a Pop Quiz
After Hurley was killed the NYPD ratcheted up….
A. Public Service Announcements warning Box Truck drivers to be careful
B. Ticketing Drivers making illegal left turns
C. Ticketing cyclists in the intersection?

If you said “C” then winner winner chicken dinner…



yes, indeed, the NYPD responded to the deadly careless driving of the truck driver by issuing loads of tickets to CYCLISTS



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  • Yeah, when you get hit by a truck while riding your bicycle you have a tendency to fall off the seat, speaking from experience.

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