2015 Ohio Fatal Bike Crash – Project

I reported in October that 2015 wasn’t going very well – turns out I was righter than right – 2015 was the worst year for cycling fatalities in Ohio in the past 20+ years. Since 1994 Ohio has averaged almost 16 fatal bike crashes per year – in 2015 we had TWENTY SIX.  A short list of cyclists killed in Ohio in 2015 is below.

We are working on a review of each and every fatal crash. We have obtained the full crash report for most of the crashes and will soon be publishing a detailed summary of each case with our analysis of the cause of the crash, what happened and why, who was at fault… We are also trying to obtain information on any criminal cases arising out of the fatal crashes. Stay tuned…

For now, though, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who lost their life riding their bikes on Ohio roads in 2015…

Cyclists Killed In Ohio in 2015


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