I have been looking to replace, and upgrade, my primary ride.  The folks at Independent Fabrication make a darn good bike!  I found one used at a good price recently and snapped it up.   It’s a steel frame Club Racer.

Mitch, at BioWheels, accepted shipment and tore it down.  From what he could tell, it has barely been ridden.  Mitch recommended Matt Bell as someone with the skills to put a very cool paint job on the new bike – something suitable for framing, or at least Advertising the Bike Lawyer Brand of Bike Law!  Here’s a shot of what we’re shooting for [and the misspellings WILL be corrected in the final draft]:

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

UPDATE 9/1/2010

Well, the parts have been stripped by Mitch and the painting is underway.  Matt Bell sent me the pix  below to let me know that it’s LOOKING GOOD! I agree 100%

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